Case Study

Script-Canva Image Color.pdf

Project Title: Changing Image Color in Canva Script

Tools used in Development: Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Time in Development: 2 days

Collaborators: SME's

Client: New Canva users

Context: New Canva users were struggling to change the color of pre-made images. This script was developed prior to making a Camtasia video.

Challenges: Having talked to new Canva users, they were finding it difficult to change image colors to either match their brand color or the project that they were working on.

Solution: After conducing needs analysis and meeting with SME's, I developed this script that would be used when making a Camtasia video.

Results: There was a 80% increase in understanding of how to change image colors in Canva. I will continue to be in collaboration with the organization and adjust future training materials as needed.