Case Study

Storyboard- Deaf Employee Accomidations.pptx

Project Title: Accommodations for Deaf Employees

Tools used in Development: Canva, Google Docs, PowerPoint

Time in Development: About 3 days

Collaborators: SME's

Client: Managers who have deaf or hard of hearing employees

Context: Managers of a company were struggling with how to make hard of hearing or deaf employees feel heard and valued in team meetings.

Challenges: Having talked to managers and employees, deaf and hard of hearing employees were communicating that they did not feel welcome in the current workplace. Managers were struggling with accommodations to make meetings more inclusive for all employees.

Solution: After conducing needs analysis and meeting with SME's, I developed this storyboard before making a Storyline 360 course.

Results: There was an 80% increase in feelings of inclusiveness from deaf and hard of hearing employees. Managers also felt more knowledgeable about accommodations in meetings. I will continue to be in collaboration with the organization and adjust future training materials as needed.