Case Study


Project Title: Hand Washing in the NICU

Tools used in Development: Canva, PowerPoint

Time in Development: About 10 hours

Collaborators: SME's

Client: 651 Hospitals (Parents/Visitors of the NICU)

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Context: The (fictional) hospital was looking to develop and design an infographic that can be hung around the hospital to help visitors with proper hand washing to decrease the spread of illnesses.

Challenges: Having talked to managers and employees, 651 Hospitals was seeing a 30% uptick in illnesses being spread in the NICU unit by outside visitors. At the time, there was no formal training or infographics for visitors prior to entering the NICU.

Solution: After conducing needs analysis and meeting with SME's, I designed and developed an infographic to be hung around the NICU unit, and specifically outside near the hand washing stations before entering.

Results: There was a 10% decrease in illnesses being spread from outside visitors in the NICU. I will continue to be in collaboration with the organization and adjust future training materials as needed.