Case Study

Story Board- Hand Washing.pptx

Project Title: Hand Washing in the NICU

Tools used in Development: PowerPoint, Canva

Time in Development: About 6 hours

Collaborators: SME's

Client: 651 Hospitals (Parents/Visitors of the NICU)

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Context: The (fictional) hospital was looking to develop and design a training program to help visitors with proper hand washing steps before entering the NICU. This Storyboard was developed prior to developing the Rise 360 course.

Challenges: Having talked to managers and employees, 651 Hospitals was seeing a 30% uptick in illnesses being spread in the NICU unit by outside visitors. At the time, there was no formal training or infographics for visitors prior to entering the NICU.

Solution: After conducing needs analysis and meeting with SME's, I developed this Storyboard prior to developing my Rise 360 course.

Results: This Storyboard was taken and then developed into a Rise 360 course that can be used to train visitors before entering into the NICU unit.